General Admission

Laurier’s admission requirements are divided into different student categories:

  • High school
  • Transfer
  • Mature

Read more about Laurier’s admission requirements.

Indigenous Undergraduate Admissions Policy

If you self-identify as an Indigenous student, you may be eligible for admission through the Undergraduate Indigenous Admission Policy.

Applicants who identify as Indigenous students will be given consideration for admission to Laurier programs if they fall within 5% of the established cut-off during each phase of the admission cycle to a minimum of 70%. To be considered within the 5% window, applicants must provide a written statement outlining any work experience, achievements, educational goals and why they believe they will be successful at postsecondary studies.

The Indigenous admission policy applies to undergraduate students.

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First Year Support Programs

Laurier 101 is a campus-wide program that provides exclusive content to you and your supporters to prepare you for the time you will spend at Laurier both inside and outside of the classroom. They assist with course registration and connect you to the Laurier community.

First-year undergraduate Indigenous students at Laurier can earn $250 per semester through the SEEDs scholarship program. The program connects you to other first year Indigenous students and consists of 4 academic, social and cultural activities that students participate in each semester. In order to receive the SEEDs scholarship, students must complete all requirements and meet with the Indigenous Student Supports Coordinator once a semester.

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Mature Students

If you have not attended a high school or college full time for at least 2 years, you might be considered an adult student. Please email Indigenous Student Services for more information on your unique application.

View Laurier’s mature student policy.

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