Université de l’Ontario français (UOF)

As a new university, we do things differently. We are open, inclusive and connected to the world, while at the same time firmly rooted in our environment.

Our innovative pedagogical approach and programs mean that UOF is like no other. We are agile, de-compartmentalized and committed to your success in a hyper-competitive and digital-oriented world.

Throughout your undergraduate or graduate studies, you will learn through exploration, discovery and experimentation, supported by a collaborative faculty team.

Our courses are designed to give you on-the-ground experience, allowing you to solve real-world challenges and participate in internships in a professional environment that matches your aspirations.

In pedagogical terms, this is called “transdisciplinarity”, which emphasizes inductive and experiential approaches to learning and team teaching.

At UOF, every program promotes the acquisition of knowledge and a deeper understanding of society’s most pressing issues to help you develop critical thinking skills, reflect and become more engaged.

Employers will appreciate your ability to collaboratively find solutions to the challenges we all face. UOF prepares you for the jobs of tomorrow, today.

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