Student Life

At Trent University, you can explore your interests, inside and outside of the classroom.

You will have opportunities to attend social events or join a student club. You might also like to play extracurricular sports or, if you live on campus, become involved in your residence community.

Learn more about the student experience at Trent.

Orientation Week

Orientation Week is your first week at Trent. It is your chance to get acquainted with your affiliated college, meet an enthusiastic group of upper-year students, get used to your new academic setting, attend academic seminars for a sneak peek at available courses and meet with student services and faculty for academic advising and guidelines.

Read more about Orientation Week at the Peterborough campus and Orientation Week at the Durham GTA campus.

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Clubs and Societies

Indigenous Student Clubs

Indigenous students at Trent have formed and operated many different student-run clubs and groups over the years, currently the Trent University Native Association is the longest standing Indigenous student run group on campus.

For more information, visit the Trent Central Student Association (TCSA) or First Peoples House of Learning.

General Clubs

Trent’s student clubs and societies offer you a great way to meet new people and pursue interests outside of the classroom. Clubs you can join include:

  • All Nations Youth on Campus
  • Geography Society
  • Indigenous Environment Studies
  • Science Fiction and Fantasy Society

Read more about student clubs and societies at the Peterborough campus and student clubs and societies at the Durham GTA campus.

Student Union

At Trent in Peterborough, you are represented by the Trent Central Student Association (TCSA). In Durham, you are represented by the Trent Durham Student Association.

Your student union plays an important role at university. The union advocates on behalf of students on campus and in the community. Members may also organize your Orientation Week and student clubs.

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Varsity Athletics

At Trent, you can join 15 men’s and women’s varsity teams based at our Peterborough campus, representing Trent at the highest level of competition in university sport. Proudly wearing the Excalibur green and white, Trent student-athletes compete for excellence in rowing, rugby, volleyball, lacrosse, soccer, golf, curling and cross-country running.

Read more about Trent’s varsity athletics.

Recreation and Intramurals

Want to join a team and compete outside of varsity?

Our Campus Recreation program is award winning. Several campus recreation leagues and 1-day tournaments are offered at Trent, ranging from soccer, volleyball, basketball and hockey to inner tube water polo, ultimate Frisbee and squash.

Whatever your interest or ability, there is something for everyone. The goal of these leagues is fun through healthy, active participation. Student athletes that are new to a sport are always welcomed.

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Student Services

Accessibility Services

If you have a disability that requires academic accommodation and support, Student Accessibility Services (SAS) is available to help. Contact the office as soon as possible to ensure the appropriate supports are in place for you at the beginning of the school year.

For more information about supports that you can access, visit Trent Peterborough’s Student Accessibility Services website and Trent Durham’s Student Accessibility Services website.

Positive Spaces (LGBTQ)

The Positive Space Program helps to identify and encourage the development of positive spaces throughout Trent where sexual and gender identity is affirmed and individuals can receive support and information about lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer (LGBTQ) issues. The Positive Space Program also provides support and resources concerning LGBTQ issues to individuals.

FPHL Staff are trained to support Two-Spirit members of the Indigenous community at Trent in their health and well-being. FPHL facilitates a number of cultural events on campus each year including Two-Spirit Speakers as part of the Elders and Traditional Peoples Gathering and Two-Spirit sharing circles.

Spiritual Affairs

Trent’s Spiritual Affairs provides guidance, information about local congregations and faith groups, and resources and support for local projects and campaigns. The university also has a Multi-Faith Room at the Peterborough campus available to people of all faiths.

Child Care

Child care is available at the Peterborough campus through Trent Child Care. Apply for and reserve a spot for your child.

For information about policies and fees, read the Parent Handbook [PDF].

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Trent’s Campus Security is dedicated to creating a safe and welcoming environment for students, staff, faculty and visitors. Security programs include:

  • Emergency campus phones
  • Walk home programs
  • Emergency first-response teams

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