Indigenous Student Services

The First Peoples House of Learning (FPHL) at Trent University is a community of students coming together to understand themselves, each other and the world they live in. They invite you to join them.

Connecting the University to local First Nations communities, FPHL provides services, support and a home away from home for Indigenous students from all over the world. For non-Indigenous students, it is a place to build awareness and to become immersed in many new and traditional cultural experiences.

As you embark upon your educational experience and throughout your time at Trent, FPHL staff will play a key role in supporting you academically, personally and socially. This section lists just some of the services you will find at Trent and the FPHL.


The Naadimaagewin Program offers academic supports and a culturally based program of services open to all students. You can access many supports and services, some of which are outlined here.

Ishkodehwin Indigenous Peer Mentorship Program is a core student support. Working one-on-one with a peer who understands and relates to your challenges, issues and experiences is one of the most effective strategies for your transition to university life. The Ishkodehwin program is available to Indigenous Students at both the Peterborough and Durham campuses.

Another support is tutoring for Indigenous students and students in Indigenous Studies. Your tutor could be an upper-year student hired by the FPHL, or a referral from an academic department.

The Ambassador Program employs several Student Ambassadors who promote the welcoming environment and services of the FPHL. If interested, student members of the Trent community and especially Indigenous students are invited to apply to the program. The Ambassador program is available to Indigenous Students at both the Peterborough and Durham campuses.

The FPHL also offers diverse programming that includes:

  • Traditional teachings
  • Social fires
  • Sweats
  • Fasts
  • Open houses
  • Elders Gathering
  • Visiting Elders program
  • Pine tree lectures

As well, FPHL offers counselling for students in various forms, whether it is just a simple conversation, exploring your options or dropping by to smudge.

Find more information about Indigenous student services on our campuses:

Indigenous Student Spaces

At the Peterborough campus, the Ernest and Florence Benedict Gathering Space is located in Room 103 of the Enwayaang Building. It is open to students who seek a relaxing area to do their homework, meet with study groups, take a break or participate in various workshops and activities. There is also the Traditional Area where programming, gatherings and ceremony occur throughout the year.

At the Durham campus, an Indigenous student study space is located at the back of student lounge. A Tipi is located at the North end of the Durham campus, behind the TDSA building.

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