Student Life

Students are part of a 4-pillar program:

  • Athletic
  • Military
  • Academic
  • Language

The Language pillar is replaced by a Cultural pillar for ALOY students.

Clubs and Societies

Various clubs are available and include:

  • Expedition
  • Scuba diving
  • Curling
  • Astrology

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Various varsity teams include:

  • Men’s Hockey
  • Men’s & Women’s Fencing
  • Men’s & Women’s Rugby
  • Men’s & Women’s Soccer
  • Men’s & Women’s Volleyball

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Student Services

Our Student Services include a Success Center, Redaction Center, Math Center, tutoring and more.

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Security on campus is conducted by commissionaires and military police. Blue safety phones and cameras are on site.

Read more about campus life at RMC.

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