Academic Programs and Supports

You can choose from a variety of academic programs at Queen’s, and you will likely find a program that sparks your interest.

This section describes some examples of the academic programs you can take at Queen’s. Academic programming and support areas are specific to the different faculties and schools.

Academic Programs

The Faculty of Education offers innovative programs that lead to teacher certification, graduate programs involving research in education and preparation for a variety of careers. Our Concurrent Education program allows you to pursue your teacher training while you complete your undergraduate degree in:

  • Arts
  • Science
  • Music
  • Fine Art

The Indigenous Teacher Education Program (ITEP) is suited to Indigenous students who are interested in Indigenous education. It may be of particular interest to mature students and those with experience in Indigenous education. ITEP features courses with Indigenous-specific content, as well as practice-teaching placements in First Nations schools.

In the Faculty of Arts and Science, you will learn to analyze, think and judge independently. Programs include:

  • Computing
  • Life and Physical Sciences
  • Social Sciences
  • Languages
  • Indigenous Studies
  • Creative Arts and Humanities

The Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science offers rigorous engineering programs that prepare you to be a leader in a global society. If you choose this faculty, you will share a common first year with all engineering students that will introduce you to the full range of engineering disciplines available at Queen’s.

The Faculty of Health Sciences asks questions, seeks answers, advances care and inspires change. It is home to the School of Medicine, School of Nursing and School of Rehabilitation Therapy.

The Smith School of Business allows you to pursue a Bachelor of Commerce or graduate programs such as a Master of Business Administration. The School’s innovative approach to business education creates leaders with global perspectives, creates new knowledge and advances business and society.

At the School of Policy Studies, you will research, debate and interact with the non-academic world in the fields of public policy and administration. The Master of Public Administration program is focused on the analysis, development and implementation of policy to prepare you for careers in the public and non-profit sectors. In partnership with the First Nations Technical Institute, part of the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, the School of Policy Studies offers courses in Indigenous Policy and Governance each year.

The Faculty of Law advances your understanding of the law through innovative teaching and scholarship. It offers you a full range of law degrees, from the 3-year Juris Doctor (JD) professional degree in law to the distinguished graduate Master of Laws (LLM) and Doctor of Philosophy in Law (PhD) programs.

The School of Graduate Studies welcomes and encourages applications from Indigenous candidates. You can set your ideas in motion and create an impact on the world. You can choose from 120 graduate degree programs in more than 50 departments and centres of research.

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Academic Supports

Queen’s offers a variety of services to help you achieve your goals at university. The following are some of the academic services you can access at Queen’s.

The Four Directions Indigenous Student Centre provides counselling support and academic advising, as well as a programming, social events and cozy study spaces to support your holistic well-being.

Indigenous Futures in Engineering (InEng) provides culturally relevant student support services to Indigenous students enrolled in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science. Working in partnership with the Four Directions Indigenous Student Centre, InEng strives to support the academic, physical, spiritual and emotional needs of students. Through InEng, students have access to tutoring and exam prep sessions, mentoring opportunities with practicing Indigenous engineers and liaison with industries particularly interested in the development of Indigenous engineers through summer employment, internships and permanent positions.

STEM: Indigenous Academics (STEM:InA) is an academic support and community-building program for Indigenous students enrolled in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)-based undergraduate degree programs at Queen’s University. Students are provided resources to build a strong academic and social foundation to succeed at university.

The Queen’s Learning Commons is a meeting place that is also a hub of services that supports your academic success. You can access several resources, workshops and seminars to improve your skills, as well as one-on-one professional consultations.

Student Academic Success Services offers academic support services to undergraduate and graduate students who want to enhance or fine-tune their skills in critical thinking, reading, learning, studying, writing and self-management. Services you can access include:

  • coaching in study skills,
  • limiting procrastination and
  • reading texts efficiently and effectively.

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