Nipissing University

Nipissing University

Nipissing University is a young and dynamic institution making a positive impact on the lives of its students, graduates, faculty, staff and communities.

Nipissing makes a significant social and economic impact by providing increased access and support for students across Ontario, with a special focus on serving the North in the North, including first generation and Indigenous students.

As a primarily undergraduate institution, Nipissing University is renowned for providing a personalized education within a supportive community and with a dedicated faculty who engage in important research that has an impact – locally and globally. Small classes provide students with an ideal setting for meaningful interaction with faculty and collaboration with peers.

Nipissing University is committed to offering an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary curriculum that focuses on non-linear approaches to learning that include applied theory, experiential learning and access to undergraduate research and participation in enriching co-curricular opportunities.

Read more about Nipissing University or view the Nipissing University virtual tour video.

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