Academic Programs and Supports

You can choose from a variety of academic programs at Laurentian and will likely find a program that sparks your interest.

This section provides some examples of Laurentian’s academic programs.

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Academic Programs

The Faculty of Arts offers you a vibrant tri-cultural community that respects the English, French and Indigenous cultures of Northern Ontario.

The Faculty of Science, Engineering and Architecture helps you to build knowledge through scientific observation, experimentation and design.

The Goodman School of Mines allows you to meet and partner with many mining and mining-related industries and research centres.

The Faculty of Education offers you programs in both English and French and a concurrent education program that allows you to complete your teacher training while you pursue your undergraduate degree. The Faculty of Education helps prepare you for jobs such as elementary or high school teacher, college instructor and museum educator.

The Faculty of Health offers you opportunities to participate in hands-on work experiences including placements, co-ops and internships.

The Faculty of Management prepares you for careers in business and administration with internship and work-integrated opportunities.

View Laurentian’s undergraduate academic programs.

View Laurentian’s graduate academic programs.

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Academic Supports

Laurentian offers a variety of services to help you achieve your goals at university.

This section lists some of the academic services you can access at Laurentian:

  • The Student Success Centre offers a variety of academic supports to help students transition to university and succeed during their studies.
  • Academic advisors help students better understand their goals and academic plans, and guide students as they make important decisions about their future.
  • You have access to a Student Success Advisor who can provide academic advice for undergraduate students related to navigating course registration and transfer credits, understanding university regulations and academic support programs. The Student Success Advisors can also help you build your academic confidence to maintain or regain good academic standing through the Academic Advantage program.
  • You can also contact your Faculty Advisor in your area of study who can provide academic advice for undergraduate and graduate students related to program updates, program-specific requests, appeal support, degree completion and exploring your future career or graduate study options.
  • The Learning Commons provides students with resources and opportunities to improve their ability to learn at a university level with online resources, study skill coaching, tutoring and academic workshops.
  • Students can also meet one-on-one with a study skills coach to privately go over academic strengths and areas of improvement. With a study skills coach, a personalized study plan is created to meet each student’s specific needs. Academic strengths and areas of improvement include:
    • writing and research skills,
    • critical thinking,
    • exam preparation,
    • note taking,
    • reading,
    • study skills and
    • time management.

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