Academic Programs and Supports

You can choose from a variety of academic programs at Brock and will likely find a program that sparks your interest. This section describes some examples of the academic programs you can take at Brock.

Academic Programs

Brock offers a variety of faculties and academic programs.

The Faculty of Applied Health Sciences is committed to understanding health to gain, maintain and restore it. Programs include:

  • Health Sciences
  • Kinesiology
  • Nursing
  • Recreation and Leisure
  • Sports Management

The Faculty of Education fosters a community of critical and reflective students who have a passion for learning and helping others to learn. The Faculty of Education has several centres, such as the Tecumseh Centre for Aboriginal Research and Education, and the Centre for Adult Education and Community Outreach. Programs include:

  • Concurrent Education
  • Technological Education
  • Early Childhood Education

The Faculty of Humanities allows you to explore the cultural, intellectual and artistic ideas of the world, while developing critical thought, problem-solving and communication skills. Programs include:

  • Classics
  • English Language and Literature
  • Intercultural Studies

The Faculty of Mathematics and Science advances your knowledge and skills in an environment that fosters innovation, creativity, respect, citizenship and collective achievement. Programs include:

  • Biological Sciences
  • Computer Sciences
  • Earth Sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Physics

    The Faculty of Social Sciences offers innovative and exciting fields of study that explore various social experiences. Programs include:

    • Economics
    • Geography
    • Political Science
    • Psychology and Sociology
    • Linguistic
    • Child and Youth Studies
    • Popular Culture
    • Women’s and Gender Studies

      The Goodman School of Business is committed to graduating students who are innovative, articulate and ethical global citizens. The school delivers undergraduate and graduate programs that explore approaches to business and society and offers business administration and accounting programs.

      The Faculty of Graduate Studies offers graduate degrees in Applied Health Sciences, Education, Humanities, Social Science and Business. Brock’s 47 graduate programs create innovative learning experiences and emphasize engagement in research, scholarship and professional development.

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      Academic Supports

      A-Z Learning Services provides:

      • Free academic support for all Brock students to help them achieve their full potential in university and beyond. Social and professional support programs specifically designed to meet your needs and help you make the most of your university experience are available.
      • A number of specialized programs, including non-credit courses, that are the result of collaboration with other departments and faculties.

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