Academic Programs and Supports

You can choose from a variety of academic programs at Algoma and will likely find a program that sparks your interest.

Academic Programs

Here some examples of the programs you can take at Algoma:

  • Anishinaabemowin is a 3-year degree program that offers a basic-to-advanced level of instruction in the Ojibwe language and culture. It is the only degree program in Canada that is taught in the Ojibwe language. By studying Anishinaabemowin, you will learn the language of one of the earliest cultures in Canada.
  • Social Work is a 4-year program that focuses on northern, rural, remote, Indigenous and Franco-Ontarian communities. Graduates from this program will be prepared to practice entry-level social work with diverse populations in Canada.
  • Geography is a 4-year program ideal for students interested in geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing, climate change, environmental sustainability, research, and urban and regional development. The program provides students with skills that go beyond the study of geography, including a broad understanding of numbers and numeracy, writing and research, and data presentation, including mapping and graphing.

Other Courses for Anishinaabe Students

Shingwauk Kinoomaage Gamig, set up by the Shingwauk Education Trust, offers courses and programs of particular interest to Anishinaabe students. It also offers a 3-year program in Anishinaabe Studies. Shingwauk Kinoomaage Gamig is its own university operating within the broader Algoma University and is currently working on accreditation. Presently, all courses and programs are fully credited through Algoma.

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Academic Supports

Algoma offers a variety of academic services to help students succeed at university:

  • Academic Assistance: An Anishinaabe Student Advisor is available to help you with your transition to university. Student Services Advisors are also available to help you with program requirements, outline support services, assist with course selection and answer other questions that arise.
  • The Learning Centre and Accessibility Services offers resources that help you reach your academic potential, ensure your success, and address and overcome any challenges you might face at university. These resources include:
    • writing labs,
    • exam accommodation,
    • tutoring,
    • note-taking and
    • student success workshops.
  • Co-op and Career Planning Services offers assistance finding student jobs and post-graduation careers. Career Services provides career-planning advice and assistance with cover letters, resumé writing and interview skills.

For more information about Algoma’s academic supports, visit Student Success Central.

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