I was a late starter in going to university. As a mature student and grandmother, it was really tough. I was overwhelmed by the workload because I didn’t know how to write essays or reports when I arrived on campus. I suddenly had to study hard and read a lot of books, which was not something that I was used to.

There was a learning curve, but I stuck with it. I also had help from a student counsellor who really motivated me over the years. I’m proud to say that I have now graduated and earned my Honours Bachelor of Arts in Aboriginal Studies. My original plan was to move back to Nunavut and work as an educator, but instead I stayed south and currently teach private Inuktitut lessons and work as an Inuktitut translator. I also plan on going back to school to get a Master of Education.

I have always tried to be a role model to my children in every way and encourage them to follow my footsteps. But it is time that my grandchildren take these steps and be the future of the new generation. It’s important for me that my children and grandchildren can live their dreams.

Down the road, your children and grandchildren will want to achieve what you have achieved – be a role model.

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