As a native boy who, for the most part, looked like a non-native, I spent my youth trying to reconcile my ancestry with the Western society in which I lived. I struggled to find an identity amongst my peers and family.

Throughout my childhood, my parents stressed the importance of academic achievement. As early as elementary school, I thought about becoming a doctor. Following high school, their teachings continued to motivate me and I decided to go to university, eventually obtaining my Bachelor of Science degree. The support and funding that I received from my Band, Curve Lake First Nation, has also been important to my success.

I am currently studying Biological Science. Once I graduate, I’d like to attend medical school in my hometown of Ottawa. I plan to use my medical degree to work with Health Canada on public policy issues in the area of First Nations health and wellness. Another one of my goals is to serve as a good role model for my friends and family, and pursuing higher education has helped me to realize this objective.

University is about “growth”. Whether it’s learning from a professor who presents a topic in a new way or trying a new sport like inner-tube water polo, there are always opportunities to try new things, gain new skills and grow as a person.

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