I’ve always felt that learning and education are an important part of life. However, between making bad decisions and dealing with issues related to anger and depression, I’ve faced a tough journey and was almost kicked out of school.

My parents have always wanted me to make every effort to get as far as I can in life. As a child, I was expected to complete some sort of postsecondary education, whether it be college, university or an apprenticeship. I have now graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering.

Community was an integral part of my university experience and success – professors, staff and recruiters all helped to get me where I am today. They gave me the support that I needed to push through everything, to keep my head up and my mind on track. This is why I’m currently working with Indigenous youth to get them interested in engineering.

To me, graduating is not only about getting an education – it’s a symbol of hard work and perseverance. Attending university is not easy and completing a degree demonstrates dedication and speaks to the strength of your character.

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