Leaving home in Timmins to live in a city with very few familiar faces was one of the hardest obstacles I faced when I started my Kinesiology undergraduate degree. At times it could be lonely, as most of my peers lived within a couple of hours from campus and would go home on weekends while I stayed behind.

However, my thirst for knowledge, which led me to apply to university, has helped me to stare down my fear of change. I had always known that I wanted to pursue further education, but I had no idea that I would eventually end up enrolling in a graduate program and being passionate about a subject that I hadn’t even known existed. My master’s thesis focuses on investigating the midsole material of footwear to possibly increase older adults’ balance for those at risk of falling.

While I was once nervous about living away from home, I now enjoy living in Waterloo, where I have created a sense of community and way of life for myself. The Aboriginal Student Centre on my campus is definitely my second home – I have established life-long friendships and its welcoming environment has had a significantly positive influence on my quality of life.

Explore your new environment! Make new friends and enjoy your new way of life. Success lies in the willingness to welcome change.

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