If you are moving away from home to attend university, you may choose to live on campus in residence or off campus.

You can apply for a spot in a residence at most Ontario universities. Many universities offer guaranteed residence for first-year students. Applications may vary by institution but usually include:

  • a short personality profile,
  • your preference for residence style and
  • any accommodations you need.

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On-campus Residence

Dormitory Style

You may live in shared (double, triple, etc.) rooms with roommates or in a single room by yourself. Each floor normally has shared washrooms and a lounge space. Some floors may be specially designed for students in particular programs (such as science or music) or with similar interests (such as diversity or social justice).

Apartment Style

You may live with roommates in a shared or single suite-style residence. These residences may have semi-private washrooms or shared washrooms. They usually include shared kitchens and may also have specially designated floors for students in particular programs (such as science, engineering or music).

Family Style

You may be bringing your family with you if you are moving to attend university, and some schools offer family-style housing. These can be on-campus apartments or townhouse-style residences. If you are interested in this style, contact the housing office at your university.

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Off-campus Housing

While you may choose to live in residence for your first year, you can also commute or live off campus. Many universities have an off-campus housing website that provides resources and tools to help you with your search.

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Meal Plans

Many residences offer on-campus dining options that may include both dining halls and food vendors.

At some universities, your meal plan is paid as part of your residence fees. Some meal plans are all-you-can-eat, while others work on a pay-per-meal system. Meal plans vary between universities.

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