Campus Clubs and Societies

Campus Clubs

Each university boasts many clubs that you can join. During orientation week, your university may hold a “clubs day” or “clubs week” to showcase its variety of clubs to you. Joining a club gives you opportunities to network, make friends and learn new skills.

Examples of clubs on campus include:

  • Chess club
  • Hip-hop club
  • Juggling
  • Photography club
  • Student law association

Many of the clubs on campus are created by a group of students who share a similar interest.

Indigenous Students Associations

Many universities have an Indigenous student association, group or club. These clubs are social and cultural communities on campus. They may host feasts, social gatherings and other cultural events, and serve as a voice for Indigenous people on campus.

In addition, they may offer leadership opportunities if you want to take on specific roles within the associations, such as president, treasurer or cultural coordinator.

Contact your university’s Indigenous student services for information about your Indigenous students’ association or seek out the association during orientation week.

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